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Of All I'd Seen

I beheld a miracle in the cycle that brings about life. Eggs bear life which is fragile till its last spam: from egg to larva and to pupa, and to the adult stage. I however, saw a pupa (chrysalis) crack up; unhurriedly opening like a new morn from the drape of last night. It was eerie for, Of All I’d Seen, I never saw a thing like that!

Some spooky sticks slowly stuck out from the sack. I later knew they were legs, and proboscises of another life after life. As the destructive larva (caterpillar) died for the pupa to live, so has the pupa died, that life could spring up on colourful wings from one poll to the nation (pollination).


I beheld a butterfly wriggle out and spread its wings in the winds. It was like flapping to the gentle sun and clapping for a new being, a new life. It didn’t care about the cocoon again, nor the warmth in which once it ensconced. Certainly, Of All I’d Seen, I never saw a thing like that!

Just like that, in a few minutes, it was good to fly. It toddled a little on the wall, and wobbled a little more in the air, and then it flew up through the rays of the sun. Up as far, and high as its wings can go, it rose to a Life of nectarous adventures and discovery!

Despite series of darkness, now it has found Light!

If God can work this miracle in Life Cycle of simplest of creatures, Oh how glorious would rising up be for our graceful Souls living in our bodies when this life is over? Easter awaits us all here after. As greenery springs up in the fields at the touch of rain, so we shall rise to new life at the trumpet blast. Amen

Happiest Easter!

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