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Frog on the Net

Updated: Mar 8

How could I have known that a little princely #frog would love the fact that I put up a badminton court in this village? I had to improvise with bamboo to make the poles high, for they were short; maybe that informed Frogchukwu, that's the name I gave him, to come over for inspection. I know there's something about us and these creatures, you know. Moreover, it is always good to walk, better to leap, and best to jump high on unharmful nets. From such height, one sees clearer and the whole picture in different perspectives. What's your take on our Frogchukwu? Let me know on the comment session. Thank you for coming.

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Looks like you found your own "Celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras county" 😊

Unknown member
Feb 28
Replying to

Yes. Lucky me 😃.

Hi Stanley, you're awesome.

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