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An Igala Man amidst

Updated: May 14

An #Igala Man amidst:That stranded old man didn't look like us; it was late in the evening, and days are getting stranger. He came to me, unsure he would be attended to. He told me he came from Nzam, and on mission to regularize his pension in the city.

He would get back to the bank at Awka the next day, so he needed a place to pass the night. His papers were up to date. So, I gave him water to drink, and food to eat; gave him a place to rest, and a cloth to cover himself. The following, is our conversation the next morning before he left. I later asked him how much he would need for his transportation, and he said ₦2000.

"₦5000 is two much to ask for, but if you could spare..." he muttered. Granted. I felt his gratitude as he said, "so this is five thousand," repeatedly.  I only asked him to pray for me. I must have played guest to an angel.

I found out that, he not only looked like us, he is one of us. One love, one humanity, for all of us.

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