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A Kid Slipped Her Head

A kid just slipped her head in between two coarsed pillars. I don't know how she did that, but she kept shouting, "ouch-ouch, my ears!" I thought that was a joke at first. I reached out to help her, but then comprehended we were in troublem (trouble +problem). Her ears could be squashed or sandpapered off. Who would want that?Confusedly, I thought of dousing her head with water or engine oil, when like a cat, she glid her head over, and her entire body caught up astride. Atọkwanụ m!

Not seen a thing like that before. I wanted to take a picture or video, but was afraid somebody might be snuffed off with further delay. So, confusion abounded. I was about to ask, 'are you okay?' when she wriggled out by herself with herself. And am I not speechlessly tired now 🤔?

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