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Set a place in your home to pray, and a place by your house to plant. These, are some sacred acts of wholesome living.

Seeds sent by Kit Tambo from America to Africa
Read to sow seeds and to have food
Organic Home Garden

Planting Our own Food

We learn to plant our own food, so we can sustain ourselves and our communities. 

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Empowering Ourselves

One little seed we sow today will become the source of our nutrition tomorrow.

Spring Onions

Inspiring Growth

We learn from our process - about nature, timing, environment and growth. There is no way to garden without growing.


Taking Action

We simply act. No envying of those who only point out and or pitch high on what ought to have been done. We simply do. 


Learn to Grow

Exhausting to exalt them; but that's the default though. We put in the work and recieve the rewards. #TeamYowamca

Cabbage Plant

Natural Living

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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