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Our Climate Actions

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The secret of longevity is #creativity. As in invocation, one's whole #being rises to the tide, the nerves yearning like waves to touch the sky again and again. As one longs to complete new tasks, it sparks newer #dreams that just keep one waking, walking & working.

Keeping water ways true and through
Keep mosquitoes out and kick malaria away
Humanity first during flooding
Recycling plastic
Fires of Climate Action - Recycling
Upcycling & Recycling
Teamwork on Energy - Recycling
Waste into Wealth
Recycled plastic turned to interlock
Clean and green environment
Environmental sanitation
Safe environment from hazards
We tell our stories, we tailor our environment. We bridge the gap, we connect generations                                                                  through #regeneration. We plant trees.  
Safer and cleaner earth's spaces

We Plant Trees

Planting trees with generation next
Young enough to take climate actions
Not too young to participate in climate actions
Young but bold for climate actions
For a sustainable future, through climate actions
Raise #1KNewTreesYearly Campaign

Environmental Sustainability

Ours, are grassroots initiative aimed at promoting environmental awareness, conservation, sustainability, aesthetics, and as well, food security. Besides, in the face of climate change and deforestation, #TeamYowamca seeks to inculcate especially in the younger generation the urgency of the 3Rs:

Reduce what we buy,

Reuse what we have, and

Recycle what we tend to discard.


Our  "Raise #1KNewTreesYearly" campaign has a simple yet powerful goal of planting 1,000 new economic trees annually. This ambitious target aims to address deforestation, carbon sequestration, and #biodiversity conservation. The numerous benefits include, but not limited to improving air quality, combating soil erosion, provision of natural shades and green spaces, windbreakers, food, organic medicine, and the overall health of our planet. We engage individuals, communities, schools, businesses, and organizations in tree-planting activities to achieve this goal. Most importantly, pupils/students and youths, are our major stakeholders, as to create a lasting legacy of sustainability.


Join us in contributing to this inspiring movement of environmental conservation. Participate by planting, donating, or spreading the word. Thus, we could demonstrate the power of collective action and the significance of individual contributions towards a shared objective.

#1KNewTreesYearly Campaign, for a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations.

                                        Ositadimma Amakeze

                                          Founder (YOWAMCA)

Planting trees for the future with the young
Trees for climate change, my actions
#1KNewTreesYearly Campaign
Hold my pencil, thanks for the tree
Growing trees with generation next
Getting students get involved in climate actions
Planting trees with students
Getting kids get involved with Climate actions
No one plants trees better than #TeamYowamca
Regeneration - Earth's renewal by Climate Action
The Procession - motion towards a Sustainable Ecosystem
The best photo on the internet on Regeneration
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