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Get to Know Us

The Future We Envision

We empower ourselves through connection to nature, to craft and to community.

We are only as good as the future we build for our children.

Fashion Designer

Empowered Artists

Team YOWAMCA supports individuals who have something unique to give back to the world. We nurture and assist in developing the next generation of great Artists and artisans.

Healthy Habits

Through our consistent projects, we work to embody the value of healthy habits. Our bodies were made for moving! Don't stay still too long - stretch into your capacity and grow! Your body is your home.


Inspired Musicians

Music is something that has captivated humanity for all time. By supporting music in youth we empower great musicianship in adulthood.

Ecosystem Warriors

We learn to appreciate nature and what it has to offer us. Through our programs like the 1kNewTrees Yearly initiative and our #farmstory work - we develop individuals who know the value of caring for our world and for empowering themselves by connecting with nature.

Holding Soil
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