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1k New Violin Kids Yearly

Explore the music in your soul. Practice sharing your song!

Steps We Take:

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1. Providing Violins

The Youth need access to instruments, so they can explore the world of music and learn how to care for, share and enjoy the power of song.

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2. Violin Lessons

We practice simple songs, and then songs that are more complex. We continuously improve by practicing and practicing some more!

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3. Consistent Practice

Consistent practice is important as we learn any skill, and certainly learning to play music is no exception. So, to make sure we stay on task we have regular Violin class.

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Be Great!

Is there music inside of you that you long to share? Allow the musical nature of your life expand! We believe in you. #TeamYowamca

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Start Now!

Some people haven't started because they are waiting to start big. However, in those consistent little steps, are actually where big starts from.

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Code of Conduct

Respect and love your family.

Less talk, let the strings do it.

Work, study and pray.

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