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1k New Trees

The #1kNewTreesYearly Campaign is a social media initiative that encourages individuals/organizations to plant at least 1,000 new trees every year. It seeks to address the issue of hunger, deforestation and climate change by promoting reforestation and afforestation.

Steps We Take:


1. Provide Trees

We work to find partners and neighbors who donate trees, as well as providing trees ourselves for our reforestation projects.

Planting a Tree

2. Planting Days

We get together to plant trees in areas that need nurturing and development. Whether it be one tree at a neighbors house, a line of trees down a city block, or adding trees to wooded areas needing a little boost.

Forest in Nature

3.Outreach and Expansion

We invite everyone to join our cause and plant a tree! You can be part of something that connects us back to nature and gives back to the environment. More trees - cleaner air.

Use hashtag #1knewtreesyearly and join the movement!

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Those who plant trees and till the earth live long. Their breathes exude from here to the sky.


When they plant, the Earth is safe

There is nothing more gracious and sweet than standing by the generation next plant trees.



#1kNewTreesYearly campaign for food security, environmental sustainability, climate action and green economy. Please, plant at least, a tree


St. Michael's Modern Comprehensive Secondary School, Nimo

#TeamYowamca donated over 100 trees to the school; select 60 in dedication to her 60th anniversary.


Enrich & Inspire

The most amazing moments of our Raise #1kNewTreesYearly Campaign last year were these: helping an elderly man replace the felled palm tree and facilitating the younger ones, a boy and a girl to generate more. 


The Procession

The best way to protect the earth, is to plant trees. 

No One Plants Like We Do

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