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1k New Readers Yearly

The ability to read and read well opens up worlds for our young ones.

Steps We Take:


1. Providing Books

We work with local philanthropists, books stores and libraries to provide books to those looking to expand their reading skills.


2. Reading Sessions

Reading out loud to children and having them read aloud also, builds confidence in their capability and lets them know they are part of a community that values literacy.


3. Book Clubs

By establishing a regular schedule for getting together to read, we develop book clubs that invite participation, incite creative thinking, and promote excellence.

Literacy Opens Doors!

Why 1kNew Readers Yearly is a vital initiative for communities:

The ability to read and read well opens up worlds for our young ones.


Being read to by caring adults and sharing in stories - makes us feel a sense of belonging and importance, while simultaneously expanding our capacity to learn and communicate on all variety of topics.

By establishing and developing readers, we put literacy at the forefront of empowerment - while reminding the youth that anything is possible and that with dedication, they can learn about their interests, and develop themselves into the excellent generation of the future who will be stronger than we are now.

At #TeamYowamca, we humbly bridge the gap,

break barriers and raise the bar. 


Creative Insights

Books are like butterflies flapping their wings in the garden. The more one opens and reads them, the more beauty they mysteriously reveal in the mind of the reader as flowers.


An Expanding Initiative

1kNewReadersYearly got so vast and extended to other schools so quickly that we got inundated; posting all becomes laborious. You can also join in! Use Hashtag #1knewreadersyearly as you post on social media.



Be part of something bigger! Your participation in the 1kNewReadersYearly Initiative connects you with an international team, one who supports you in your journey toward excellence.

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