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1k New Chess Kids Yearly

We solve problems, develop intelligence, and have fun at the same time!

We are #TeamYOWAMCA

Steps We Take:

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1. Providing Chess Sets

We provide the boards and the pieces, so young minds can explore their ability to learn, to strategize and to play!

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2. Teaching the Game

By teaching the basics, we provide a foundation for youth to become GREAT Chess Players as they continuously challenge each other to be better.

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3. Play! Chess Clubs

We rejoice in the game and in the fun of the practice. We get to know each other while challenging each other to improve.

At YOWAMCA we work to highlight the importance of play for improving the youth's capacity to think creatively and strategically.

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Chess Your Dreams

What is your code of conduct while you conduct yourself in a game of Chess.

What is your Strategy?

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Be A ChangeMaker

What actions will we take for the best result?

What consequences come from our actions? We consider.

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Challenge Yourself!

Each game and each player is unique. The more you practice, the better you will be. Let's see how formidable of a chess player you will become!


Every year as in the our other annual campaigns, we hope to get more new kids on board of perspectives through Chess. We have made and also donated chess boards to other kids, schools as well as correctional centers. We intend to chase dreams and achieve goals through the beautiful game of #Chess.

Others see the game
But I see the game changer
Chess your dreams, chase it!

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